Sol System

With the bulk of the galaxy's military and scientific forces clustered around Earth for the final battle of the Reaper War, Sol was the first relay to reactivate in 2187. Home to the human homeworld, Earth.

Locations of note:

  • Earth
  • Luna
  • Mars
  • Ration Ring
  • Asteroid Belt

    • Lucen – the largest space station populated by refugees from outside Sol
  • Jupiter:

    • Europa – site of a large corporate settlement centered on Nautilus, a subsurface outpost founded by Binary Helix Corporation (genetic engineering and biotech)
    • Callisto – small hanar population with underwater dome cities engineered through drell and hanar techniques. Its economy is based on silicate mining, which has also given rise to a small but healthy tech industry.
  • Saturn:

    • Titan – capital at Huygens Dome, thriving hydrocarbon mining industry, used as hostile environment training for Alliance military and its partners via the Sol Accords
  • Uranus – helium mining satellites, capital at Sakharov station, still predominantly human
  • Pluto – a small technical community which sprung up during the effort to repair the mass effect relay and, while significantly diminished, has not fully vanished
  • Various military and scientific space stations

Sol System

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