Mass Effect Relays

The network of mass effect relays was built hundreds of thousands of years ago. Along with the Citadel and its keepers, the mass relays have been passed down from civilization to civilization as the reapers have culled organic life at the end of each cycle. The relays provide rapid transportation between solar systems. This faster than light travel system provided the bedrock of galactic civilization for many years.

During the final battle of the Reaper War, actions taken by Commander Shepard resulted in the destruction of the mass relay network. Each system suddenly found itself cut off from all others. In the five years since that time, several systems have managed to repair their mass relays and reconnect to the network.

So far, mechanics have only been able to repair broken mass relays by visiting them in person. Many of the minor systems remain offline. However, scientists are working with scavenged Reaper technology to find a way to fix mass relays they can’t reach directly, hoping to repeat the techniques used to link the Sol System with the Annos Basin and Perseus Veil.

When the Serpent Nebula’s mass relay came back online in 2189, three and a half years after the war, galactic civilizations negotiated for the Citadel to return to its previous home in the hub system of the Serpent Nebula.

The following mass relays are currently operational (listed in order of activation):

Mass Effect Relays

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