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  • Omega

    Omega is a space station in the Terminus Systems notorious as a haven for criminals and a center of gang warfare. The station's fate is currently unknown, as [[Citadel]] space has yet to reconnect with the Omega system's mass relay.

  • Citadel

    A massive space station located in the [[Serpent Nebula]], the Citadel is the center of galactic politics and self-appointed capitol of the Milky Way. The [[Citadel Council]] governs the station and all recognized civilizations in Council Space. …

  • Presidium

    The Presidium is the central hub of the [[Citadel]]. Areas of interest include:

    • Citadel Tower, home to the [[Citadel Council]] chambers
    • Citadel Embassies
    • [[C-Sec]] executor's office
    • Financial …

  • Zakera Ward

    One of the five wards on the [[Citadel]], Zakera Ward is primarily populated by [[elcor]], [[hanar]], and [[volus]]. Areas of interest include shopping, markets, and [[Commander Shepard]]'s favorite store on the Citadel.

  • Kithoi Ward

    One of the five wards of the [[Citadel]]. Though it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, most of Kithoi Ward is fairly affluent. Salarians comprise the majority of the population. Areas of interest include Council Central Archives, Taralos …

  • Tayseri Ward

    One of the five wards of the [[Citadel]]. Tayseri Ward was once the most affluent ward by far, but damage sustained during the Battle of Sovereign brought Tayseri down to approximately the same level of wealth as [[Kithoi Ward]]. Though dominated by …

  • Bachjret Ward

    One of the [[Citadel]]'s five wards. Bachjret Ward is one of the less affluent wards, with several of its precincts often referred to as "rough neighborhoods." The population is quite diverse, with no one species making up more than 30% …

  • Shalta Ward

    Shalta Ward is one of the [[Citadel]]'s five wards. It is sometimes also called Aroch Ward, the name given to it by the krogan who moved into the historically rachni district after the Rachni War. It remains largely krogan, but with a sizable …

  • Sol System

    With the bulk of the galaxy's military and scientific forces clustered around Earth for the final battle of the [[Reaper War]], Sol was the first relay to reactivate in 2187. Home to the human homeworld, [[Earth]].

    Locations of note:

  • Ration Ring

    A series of greenhouse stations arranged in a ring around Sol. These stations were built to accommodate the large population trapped in the [[Sol System]] after the [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relays]] were destroyed in the [[Reaper War]]. Quarian …

  • Earth

    Earth is the human homeworld. As the site of the [[Reaper War]]'s final battle, Earth has suffered heavy damage from the reaper occupation. Its resources have also been stretched near to their breaking point due to the surge of displaced military …

  • Roswell

    Roswell is the site of the largest salarian population on [[Earth]]. Many salarians settled here after the fall of the [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relays]] left them stranded in the [[Sol System]] at the end of the [[Reaper War]].

    Once little …

  • Tuchankaustralia

    When the [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relays]] fell at the end of the [[Reaper War]], the krogan army needed a home in the [[Sol System]]. None of [[Earth]]'s nation-states were eager to house their new neighbors. They spent some time playing hot …

  • Luna

    Luna is [[Earth]]'s moon, located in the [[Sol System]]. It is home to [[Systems Alliance]] research stations, colony housing for veterans of the [[Reaper War]], and one of the finest medical facilities in the galaxy. It once housed a bustling …

  • Mars

    Mars is the fourth planet in the [[Sol System]]. It is home to several scientific bases, including one dedicated to studying prothean artifacts.

    In the aftermath of the [[Reaper War]], Martian colonies grew to support the large number of …

  • Perseus Veil

    Home to the quarian and geth homeworld, Rannoch. The Perseus Veil's [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] was the second to come back online after the [[Sol System]]. Repairs completed in 2188, about two years after the war. Though not previously …

  • Rannoch

    Located in the [[Perseus Veil]], Rannoch is the homeworld of both the quarian and geth species. Quarians evolved in symbiosis with the natural environment such that a quarian requires a special envirosuit to protect their weakened immune system in any …

  • Uriyah

    Uriyah is a binary dwarf planet partnered with [[Etiel]]. It forms one half of a [[geth]] colony located in the [[Perseus Veil]].

  • Etiel

    Etiel is a binary dwarf planet partnered with [[Uriyah]]. Together the two dwarf planets form a [[geth]] colony in the [[Perseus Veil]].

  • Annos Basin

    The Annos Basin is a star system that contains the salarian homeworld, [[SurKesh|Sur'Kesh]].

    The [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] in this system was the third to reactivate after the [[Reaper War]] with repairs completed in 2188. …

  • Serpent Nebula

    The star system that is home to the [[Citadel]].

    The [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] was reactivated in 2190, about 3.5 years after the [[Reaper War]], at which point it brought the [[Sol System]], the [[Perseus Veil]], and the [[Annos …

  • Aethon Cluster

    Home of [[Irune]], the volus homeworld, as well as the turian colony of [[Oma Ker]]. Its [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] came back online in 2189, about 3 years after the [[Reaper War]].

  • Krogan DMZ

    Home of [[Tuchanka]], the krogan homeworld. The [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] came online in 2190, about 3.5 years after the [[Reaper War]].

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