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  • C-Sec Wings

    C-Sec Wings, often simply called "the Wings", is [[C-Sec]]'s experimental, expanded law enforcement program created to patrol Council Space. It keeps watch over the space surrounding mass relays, colonies, and other settlements not …

  • Sol System

    With the bulk of the galaxy's military and scientific forces clustered around Earth for the final battle of the [[Reaper War]], Sol was the first relay to reactivate in 2187. Home to the human homeworld, [[Earth]].

    Locations of note:

  • Ration Ring

    A series of greenhouse stations arranged in a ring around Sol. These stations were built to accommodate the large population trapped in the [[Sol System]] after the [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relays]] were destroyed in the [[Reaper War]]. Quarian …

  • Earth

    Earth is the human homeworld. As the site of the [[Reaper War]]'s final battle, Earth has suffered heavy damage from the reaper occupation. Its resources have also been stretched near to their breaking point due to the surge of displaced military …

  • Luna

    Luna is [[Earth]]'s moon, located in the [[Sol System]]. It is home to [[Systems Alliance]] research stations, colony housing for veterans of the [[Reaper War]], and one of the finest medical facilities in the galaxy. It once housed a bustling …

  • Mars

    Mars is the fourth planet in the [[Sol System]]. It is home to several scientific bases, including one dedicated to studying prothean artifacts.

    In the aftermath of the [[Reaper War]], Martian colonies grew to support the large number of …

  • Annos Basin

    The Annos Basin is a star system that contains the salarian homeworld, [[SurKesh|Sur'Kesh]].

    The [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] in this system was the third to reactivate after the [[Reaper War]] with repairs completed in 2188. …

  • Serpent Nebula

    The star system that is home to the [[Citadel]].

    The [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] was reactivated in 2190, about 3.5 years after the [[Reaper War]], at which point it brought the [[Sol System]], the [[Perseus Veil]], and the [[Annos …

  • Aethon Cluster

    Home of [[Irune]], the volus homeworld, as well as the turian colony of [[Oma Ker]]. Its [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] came back online in 2189, about 3 years after the [[Reaper War]].

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