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  • Citadel Council

    The [[Citadel]] Council is the seat of galactic government in the Milky Way. Currently comprised of four seats, one each for [[asari]], [[salarians]], [[turians]], and [[humans]].

    The sitting councilors are:

    • [[Miri Aeluros]] …

  • Zakera Ward

    One of the five wards on the [[Citadel]], Zakera Ward is primarily populated by [[elcor]], [[hanar]], and [[volus]]. Areas of interest include shopping, markets, and [[Commander Shepard]]'s favorite store on the Citadel.

  • Shalta Ward

    Shalta Ward is one of the [[Citadel]]'s five wards. It is sometimes also called Aroch Ward, the name given to it by the krogan who moved into the historically rachni district after the Rachni War. It remains largely krogan, but with a sizable …

  • C-Sec

    C-Sec, short for Citadel Security, is the police force on the [[Citadel]]. Their headquarters is on the [[Presidium]], though they have central offices and many smaller stations in each of the five wards. In recent years, they have launched a pilot …

  • C-Sec Wings

    C-Sec Wings, often simply called "the Wings", is [[C-Sec]]'s experimental, expanded law enforcement program created to patrol Council Space. It keeps watch over the space surrounding mass relays, colonies, and other settlements not …

  • Serpent Nebula

    The star system that is home to the [[Citadel]].

    The [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] was reactivated in 2190, about 3.5 years after the [[Reaper War]], at which point it brought the [[Sol System]], the [[Perseus Veil]], and the [[Annos …

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