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  • Adrien Victus

    Former general and Primarch of Palaven, Adrien Victus is the sitting [[turian]] member of the [[Citadel Council]]. Victus was promoted to Primarch during the [[Reaper War]], then cut off from the bulk of the Turian Hierarchy following the …

  • Aethon Cluster

    Home of [[Irune]], the volus homeworld, as well as the turian colony of [[Oma Ker]]. Its [[Mass Effect Relays|mass relay]] came back online in 2189, about 3 years after the [[Reaper War]].

  • Sirius Lucidus

    Sirius's time spent fighting the reapers took him to the final battle on Earth, where he served under [[Adrien Victus]]. He saw many friends, comrades, and innocent civilians brutalized during the war. Though it has left its scars, there is no bond as …

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