Sirius Lucidus

Retired sniper for the Turian Hierarchy and passenger on the Oneironaut


Sirius is a model turian citizen, a strictly law-abiding veteran of the Hierarchy’s military who served in the Reaper War. Since the end of the war, Sirius has grown bored with civilian life. He joined the crew of the Oneironaut as Content Not Found: lihol-nulan security in search of adventure.


Sirius’s time spent fighting the reapers took him to the final battle on Earth, where he served under Adrien Victus. He saw many friends, comrades, and innocent civilians brutalized during the war. Though it has left its scars, there is no bond as strong as the one he shares with his fellow soldiers who survived the day the reapers fell — like Lorius, for example.

Sirius Lucidus

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