Lihol Nulan


Lihol is a resourceful and well-connected salarian diplomat who first hired Yasin and the Oneironaut to transport him to a hostage negotiation in Palaven orbit. Though their relationship is strained, Lihol has chosen to remain with the rest of the crew, for now.


Lihol spent the Reaper War working for the salarian government on Sur’Kesh. The reapers did not hit the salarian homeworld as hard as most of the others during the war – in fact, salarians who spent the war on the homeworld were more likely to suffer attacks from Cerberus. Lihol likely had access to a wide spread of war-related political and diplomatic intelligence, particularly information pertaining to “the Tuchanka incident” and human terrorist organizations like Cerberus.

Lihol Nulan

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