Mass Effect: After Armageddon

1-4: Mission AccompliOH SHIT

A shopping spree on the Citadel gets ugly

The crew of the Oneironaut returned from a deep space rendezvous with a battered ship, an account full of shiny new credits, and no clue about the contents of the mysterious box they just delivered for an asari named Amira. Safely back on the Citadel, they set about spending their rewards.

As the owner of the account, Lihol acted as an intermediary and wired the rest of the team’s funds to their personal accounts. The payment should keep them up and running for about two weeks. Yasin took the damaged Oneironaut to a mechanic who assured him that it should be back up and running within a day.

Together, the squad traveled to Bachjret ward to shop, where Sirius hoped to acquire a new sniper rifle. Kara introduced her teammates to her black market contact, a drug-running volus named Cur Didleed.

Kara replenished the group’s medical supplies, but had to stretch her resources thin to afford it. (Minor consequence: Fatigued)

Lihol’s excellent resources allowed him to acquire some exceptional new shields and armor.

When Sirius asked about a sniper rifle, Cur Didleed confessed that his business was currently limited to medical supplies and drugs – along with his passion project, pimping, which is as yet unsuccessful. He redirected Sirius to a former asari commando, Narshelle, who had just what he was looking for.

Yasin fulfilled his promise to help Sirius buy the new rifle. However, Sirius was caught recording Cur Didleed and Narshelle’s illegal activity so that he could report them. Kara calmed down a furious Cur Didleed by making Sirius delete the footage and promising that she would not bring him back to the black market in Bachjret ward.

On their way back to the Presidium, each party member reflected on how their lives had changed since the mass relays fell duing the Reaper War five years ago.

Yasin spent the war running cargo for the turian resistance in the Apien Crest. Unfortunately, the fall of the relays left him stranded with a shipment of red sand in heavily law-abiding turian space. He spent the next three years frantically trying to get rid of the drugs – to no avail – and breathed a heavily ventilated sigh of relief when the relay was finally repaired.

Sirius, a loyal turian military recruit, served under Adrien Victus on Earth. He saw many friends, comrades, and innocent civilians brutalized during the war. Though it has left its scars, there is no bond as strong as the one he shares with his fellow soldiers who survived the day the reapers fell.

Kara, born on Earth, was also there on the ground during the Reaper War. She was fairly young during the worst of the war, and there’s no doubt she has some traumatic memories from that time. However, it also gave her some of the best “hands-on” medical training imaginable. She also would have had experience with indoctrination and reaper physiology. Like Sirius, she has seen what happens when the best and worst of the galaxy is crammed into one solar system and forced to recover from a brutal war – with no aid for years until the other systems’ mass relays started coming back online.

Lihol spent the war working for the salarian government on Sur’Kesh. The reapers did not hit the salarian homeworld as hard as most of the others during the war – in fact, salarians who spent the war on the homeworld were more likely to suffer attacks from Cerberus. Lihol likely had access to a wide spread of war-related political and diplomatic intelligence, particularly information pertaining to “the Tuchanka incident” and human terrorist organizations like Cerberus.

Back in the present, the group boarded a space taxi to the Presidium. They never made it there.

The taxi’s autopilot failed suddenly as it should have rounded a corner – and barreled towards the tunnel wall at full speed.

Sirius lunged for the manual controls. He fumbled. The taxi jerked forward even faster.

Kara put up a barrier around the team just in time. Their taxi hit the wall at full speed. The impact dealt the team heavy damage, but Yasin’s rapid repairs slowed their second impact as the taxi fell to the ground. The team barely escaped with Kara’s medical supplies before the taxi exploded and left Yasin and Kara unconscious.

Then the sniper attacked.

Sirius looked up, ready to shoot back. Unable to spot the attacker in the chaotic traffic above, he and Lihol dragged their allies to cover in some maintenance tunnels.

With help from Sirius’s old war buddy, a c-sec officer named Lorius, the team made it to safety at Huerta Memorial Hospital. Once everyone was back on their feet, Lorius took them back to c-sec to review the security footage. There, they identified signs of an invisible attacker dropping onto their taxi from above. Lorius warned them that anyone with access to such good cloaking technology likely had some friends in high places.

Once they learned all that they could from the security footage, Sirius asked Lorius to help him find work: he proposed that the military surplus in the Sol System from the war could be sold to settlers fighting off pirates in contested territory. Lorius agreed: he said he would look into their old military connections and see what he could do.

But the attempted murder cast a shadow over the prospect of new cargo. How will the squad track down their invisible would-be assassin?



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