Mass Effect: After Armageddon

1-2: Hidden Dangers

Pursued by customs agents and pirates

After successfully extracting the salarian heiress from a hostage situation, the Oneironaut made port at Palaven's capital city, Cipritine. On arrival they made immediate contact with some of Yasin's fiercest nemeses: Palaven customs officials.

Though Kara's shipment of medical supplies quickly passed inspections as aid for ongoing Reaper War recovery efforts, the rest of the Oneironaut's cargo proved trickier. Kara completed the sale to her middleman in exchange for a week's funds for the crew.

Yasin attempted to alleviate customs' suspicions about his cargo by yelling, “NONE OF THEM ARE DRUGS.”

This did not go over well.

The customs officials' extremely thorough search revealed a few small pieces of contraband that even Yasin didn't know about. However, the most critical piece — the mysterious crate that the crew had agreed to deliver to an equally mysterious set of coordinates — escaped notice with Sirius's help. He deftly hid the crate in a box of medicine that had already been approved, then moved it to his quarters when the inspectors were distracted with Yasin's other cargo.

Lihol, too, had a mission to finish on Palaven. He escorted the heiress back to the Salarian Union's embassy on Palaven. Neither of them spoke a word during their taxi ride to the embassy. No thanks from the heiress, no questions from Lihol. Lihol completed his mission and then they parted.

Upon his return to the docks, Lihol tried to part company with the rest of the Oneironaut's crew as well. Sirius, however, had other ideas.

"I finished my mission. I'm done here," Lihol said.

"You and Yasin made the deal with that suspicious asari about the mystery box," Sirius said. "You're staying until that's done."

"Fair enough," Lihol said. The asari had promised there would be profit in it, after all.

So the crew packed up and started towards their destination — a remote set of coordinates in an asteroid field of the Serpent nebula. An unfamiliar ship hailed them the moment they left Palaven airspace.

The turian on the line ordered them to hand over the salarian — or else. The crew conferred. Yasin replied that they would surrender Lihol when the other ship docked with them.

Lihol waited in the airlock. Kara stood to his right, Sirius to his left.

The enemy turians docked, opened the airlock, and saw they had been had.

Shots fired on both sides. For every hostile the Oneironaut's crew took down, another one appeared. Kara's field medicine could only do so much with the team so outnumbered. They fell back.

As the firefight raged, Yasin sent out a distress call. The Turian Hierarchy's border patrol responded swiftly. The rest of the squad managed to hold their attackers back long enough for Yasin to undock, and he stayed awake long enough to outmaneuver the enemy ship until help arrived.

With their attackers in custody, the crew of the Oneironaut was finally free to turn their backs on the Apien Crest… for now. But as they neared the mass relay, Sirius shared an observation that had been troubling him.

"The face paint those turians were wearing didn't belong to any clan I know," he said, "but I recognized it. It's the same pattern from that group at the bar on the refueling station."

Whoever they were, they were up to no good. The crew could only hope to leave them behind as they made their way back to Citadel space.



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