Mass Effect: After Armageddon

1-1: An Adventure is Born

Cargo: One mysterious package and a hostage

En route to deliver supplies and retrieve a hostage from Palaven, the crew of the Oneironaut stopped at a gas depot just inside the Apien Crest. While Yasin arranged repairs from his most recent episode of falling asleep at the wheel, Kara observed that the station had limited medical facilities despite its proliferation of weapon shops. Lihol and Sirius killed time at a sports bar.

Tensions between the bar patrons – a group of five turians with facepaint unfamiliar to Sirius, an asari, and a krogan – threatened to boil over during the biotiball game on TV. A brawl was about to break out when Sirius pulled out his pistol and blasted the krogan’s shotglass. His warning shot backfired. The krogan pulled out a shotgun, turning his aggression from the other turian to Sirius.

Lihol promptly stood up and walked out of the bar.

Sirius attempted to tumble into the cover of a table, but his spectacular failure left the entire bar in stitches. The krogan laughed. He fired a warning shot at the ceiling and told Sirius that all would be forgiven if Sirius replenished his drink.

Kara and Yasin rushed to the bar after hearing gunshots and a terse explanation from Lihol. Kara sussed out the situation immediately, but loudly let it slip that Sirius had no money to buy the krogan a drink. Yasin deflected the krogan’s attention to his “artwork” (the scorch marks his gun left on the ceiling). The krogan thought this was so hilarious that he bought a round of ryncol for Sirius, Kara, and Yasin. Yasin’s fast friendship with the krogan nearly soured with his clumsy attempt to pour out the toxic drink – Sirius swept in to distract by challenging the krogan to a drinking contest.

Miraculously, Sirius won. He took a quick selfie with the passed-out krogan.

He asked Kara to distract the asari while he took his selfie, uncertain about the relationship between the asari and krogan.

Kara’s drunken distraction? “Hey, look over there at those turians.”

The asari started asking Kara questions about the turians, like why she should be watching them and what Kara knew about them. When it became clear that Kara was too drunk to answer these questions, she addressed Lihol, who had returned to the bar when the gunshots stopped.

Lihol responded to the asari’s questions with suspicion and a lack of interest, but Yasin stepped in when the asari proposed a business arrangement. He created a glitchy drone to escort the drunken Sirius and Kara back to the ship while the sober ones talked business.

The asari led Yasin and Lihol to an airlock. She stepped inside. They followed. She closed the door behind them.

In the privacy of the airlock, the asari told them that the krogan from the bar had agreed to deliver a package for her. She offered a hefty reward if they would deliver it instead – on the condition that they do not ask questions. Under no conditions could they open the box.

Lihol confronted her about the turians, asking if they should expect trouble. The asari admitted that the group of turians from the bar, among others, might try to intercept the package. She then threatened that any reward someone else might offer for reselling it would not be worth crossing her. In spite of the threats, Yasin and Lihol accepted the terms. The package had already been loaded into the cargo hold when they returned to the Oneironaut: an unlabeled box, about two feet long by one foot in width and depth.

The delivery coordinates led back to the Serpent nebula, but the crew opted to continue on to Palaven first. Though Yasin fell asleep for a few hours, his drones kept the ship on course. The crew arrived safely a day later.

Lihol requested to deal with the hostage situation first – turian soldiers had taken a salarian heiress captive, he said, and he had been sent to negotiate her release. The rest of the crew agreed, since delivering the medical relief supplies to Palaven was not as time-sensitive.

The Oneironaut approached a turian vessel in orbit around Palaven. As Yasin began docking procedures, however, his narcolespy kicked in and he went into a waking dream.

“Turn around!” he yelled. “There’s a giant face!”


The rest of the crew freaked out – Reapers? – but then he threw the ship into a series of barrel rolls and sent them tumbling. Their shouts managed to snap Yasin out of his dream before the ship crashed or fled too far. Lucid once more, Yasin completed a docking procedure so stellar that it almost made up for his narcoleptic shenanigans.

Lihol enlisted Sirius to stand behind him and look intimidating. Kara opted to stay in the cockpit and make sure that Yasin stayed alert in case they needed to make a quick exit.

Lihol and Sirius crossed into the other ship’s airlock. Lihol tried to open the door onto the other ship. It didn’t budge.

“Are you here to offer a concession?” a turian voice asked over the intercom.

“I came to retrieve the heiress,” Lihol said.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to be making demands.”

“I think I am.”

After a few more tense exchanges, the turian agreed to speak face to face. The airlock door opened to reveal two armed turians in military uniform, a man and a woman. The salarian heiress stood handcuffed between them. Sirius spotted a third turian hiding out of sight around the corner.

The turians accused the salarian government of hoarding resources that they only had because the Reapers hadn’t done as much damage in salarian space as they had to turians. They demanded that the Salarian Union send relief and negotiate preferential trade deals. Lihol reached into his pocket. Both turians aimed at his head.

He pulled out a datapad and ran some numbers.

“Alright, I need to make a few calls,” he bluffed, but he could tell that they hadn’t bought the lie. He sighed. “Looks like things have really gotten Sirius.”


Lihol whipped out two concealed pistols and fired one at each of the turians.

The first shot took out the woman’s shields in one hit. The second missed the man entirely. Sirius stepped in to back Lihol up – the turian soldiers got in a round of fire before Kara came running. Her biotics dazed the male turian soldier.

Sirius took out the hidden soldier with a single sniper shot. When the female turian took another hit, she grabbed the heiress and retreated around a corner. Kara rushed forward to patch up Sirius’s gunshot wound with her field medic skills.

In the midst of the chaos, sounds of a scuffle came from around the corner. Soon, shots fired on the male soldier from the spot where his ally had just been. Lihol seized the distraction to take him out. He ran after the heiress, but when he got there, the female turian’s body slumped on the ground.

“About time,” the heiress said. “Now let’s get out of here.”



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